Coding – The Coolest Summertime Activity for Your Children in 2020

When we hear summers the first thing that hits our mind is ‘Play’. Most of the parents encourage their children to participate in such kinds of activities which widen their interest and enhance skills. But this year has a different story for everyone. Due to the unforeseen health crisis parents are not sending their children to play outside.

With no outdoor activities, it might be very challenging for them to utilize their free time with productive activities and gain some skill. As a parent, we can’t let our children spend most of the time on mobile, movies and television. And then arrives the biggest question; what to do now?

Well, it is an ideal time for kids to learn something new outside any definite premise with the safety of home. We would say ‘Give them as much screen time as they want but with a small change’. Introduce them with a modern-day activity that will help them in the future too. Yes, here we are talking about ‘Coding for Kids’. Now, they have limitless opportunity to learn to code and hone their basic academic skills in maths, science etc.

Learning to code allows children to express them creatively along with additional skills which will help them in their computer programming careers like software, website or game developer. A number of courses are available online to help kids gain the skill they need.

How is it going to help your children?

  • a) We all know that coding is a logic-based technical task but it’s also an extremely creative activity. If your child knows how to code, he or she can develop their apps, video games websites and more!Coding might look challenging but it also gives a sense of pride when a programmer’s code comes to life after a heated brainy session.
  • b) When children code, they take big and complex problems and break them into small parts. They try to solve a problem with logic and deep analysis. This mental activity develops logical thinking which is a powerful tool to help them in school, work and life.
  • c) When we learn a new language, we also learn to express ourselves using it as a tool of communication. It applies with coding too. Coding empowers them with not just an understanding of digital media and technology but to create it. Rather than spending their valuable time on playing video games or an app they can simply build one with their creativity.
  • d) Children who are skilled with this 21st-century skill get a competitive benefit when applying for college, internship and jobs. When someone possesses a hot skill that many people lack–like an ability to code- his/her profile grabs more eyes of potential college admission officers or employers.
  • e) There will be a high demand for programmers in future. According to, 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing. Learning to code will open the horizon of opportunities to your child to secure a lucrative STEM career, especially when the computing jobs are growing day by day.

By looking at the above pointers you might want to move forward and enrol your child in one of the best online coding classes for kids. RoboGenius is a great way to make a strong foundation for computer programming education for your child. So, what are you waiting for, book a free demo class with us.