How is a child’s mind different from an adult’s brain?

Let’s take a moment to understand how a child’s mind is different from a grown-up’s brain and how learning to code can impact that! 

If you are lucky enough to have a young mind around you, you would have noticed how differently their brain works! A child, all the way until the age of 19, continues to develop their brain with different ages having a vastly different effect. 

While babies are able to process emotion and communication long before they can express it in words, a toddler brain is extremely active in picking up multiple languages at once. That’s because children use both sides of their brain to process languages, as opposed to the left side dominant function in adults. 

The sooner they learn, the better it will be! And this applies to all sorts of languages, including coding skills. It is, after all, a way of communicating with technology.

Teenagers on the other hand, have a very active middle brain, so their responses to memory and even emotions are heightened. This is the reason why you, as an adult, remember your college days with so much more vivid colour than anything else. 

So it is important to know that the younger the child, the easier they pick up a language, while the older they get, they sharpen their skills of analysis and memory. No matter what their age, young minds are extremely elastic and will grasp concepts with ease. Once they internalise the way to communicate with technology, their future becomes all the more tech ready. 

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