Tips To Make Coding a Fun Activity for Your Kids

In today’s world, a simple knowledge of computer is not enough for anyone as digital technology is attaining new heights every day. Parents are more concerned about giving practical digital knowledge to their children at school level which will help them in future success. Nowadays, online coding courses for kids are quite popular in demand. Sitting every day in front of a screen to learn something can be boring. If you want to make coding learning an essential part of your children’s early education then it must be exciting enough for them.

If you try to teach your children the complicated and more technical concepts they will lose their interest easily. Introduce the easy concepts first and move gradually towards major learning. Children at this age want to play more. So, teach them coding in a playful way rather than giving them the books of heavy jargons. Luckily, there are many ways through which you can make coding learning fun for your child.

Make Coding Entertaining

Most of the computer programming teachers do not realize that teaching young learners is quite difficult as compared to teach an adult. The straight forward ‘Hello World’ formula will not work 100% with kids. Children are curious for entertainment and at this very young age, their brain perceives information through small plays. So, try to teach them simple programming concepts along with lots of engaging activities and exercises. 

Let them understand ‘Coding is Creativity’

Coding is like any other art where you put your creative idea to build something new. Most of the students think that computer programming is for nerds. But as an aware parent, it is your job to emphasize that coding is as much about creativity as it is about science, maths and problem-solving. It is like creating something that comes to life – games, websites, robots etc. The key is not to force it on your child, let it be a part of their interest. Not all children like to dance and not all kids like to code.

Explore Interesting Coding Learning Resources

Thanks to the internet, the things that we don’t find nearby we can find them on the internet. There are numerous apps, games and other resources available online that can make coding interesting for your children. Today, kids spend a good amount of time in mobile for games, movies etc. Introduce them with some coding games that work both ways. It is like shooting two sparrows with one arrow. First, the games will entertain them. Second, they will not waste their important time on unnecessary things.

Let them follow what they like

Coding can be done for many purposes like designing a program, web/mobile application, games robotics etc. Never pressurize them to be a guru of all. Give them the freedom to choose their area of interest. There are many apps available in the market that focuses on everything to design a game. Some DIY Lego kits are designed to create and program robots. The same thing goes for website creation where children use preloaded programs to design and develop a website.