Why is coding an important skill to learn for children?

Let us understand what coding is and why it is an important skill to have. 

What is code? 

To put it simply, anything that runs with a plug or a battery uses some kind of code. Sometimes, like in the case of a bulb, the code is as simple as on or off.

The on or off, or the 1 and 0, is the heart of all code. All computers understand is the binary of the 1 or 0. All code is essentially a way of conveying a series of instructions based on this binary code, which results in computers performing an action of your choosing. 

Today, coding has become incredibly essential to modern life. It’s all around us—when you post an update on your socials or swipe your debit card or even use the GPS in your car—it’s all thanks to the specific code that has been programmed for that purpose.

Without it, we wouldn’t have our computers, smart phones, microwaves, washing machines, electronics or almost any of the other modern technologies we often take for granted.   

So, what does it do? 

Coding is a set of precise instructions that tell a computer exactly what we want it to do. A complete set of instructions is called a program. But computers don’t speak English (or German, Spanish or any other human language), so we have to provide these instructions and programs in a language they can understand.  

But, our human brains are not so good at reading binary. If we tried to create a program in pure binary we would need to type out millions of 1s and 0s—all in the correct order. This is obviously not possible, and this is where coding languages come in. 

With coding languages, we get to explore different types of instructions for different types of functions that we want to create. From making simple on off switches, all the way to landing a rover on Mars, it all runs on a variety of coding languages designed for specific functions. 

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