What is Robotics? Why should children be introduced to robots at an early age?

Discover why robots and coding are essential skills for young minds to make a mark as they grow older. 

At RoboGenius, our mission is to help your child discover the genius within. We nurture your child’s imagination and teach them the right skills for the technologically led world! This is the reason why one of our modules is dedicated to Robotics, which is a key skill of the future. But first, let us understand what it is! 

What is a robot?

The simplest way to define a robot is to understand it’s main purpose, which is to substitute or replicate human actions. 

We all have seen robots in popular media such as R2 D2, Optimus Prime and WALL-E. These humanoid creatures might be in science fiction for now, but every day we get closer to it being a reality. 

That is where robotics comes in. 

Someone has to design these robots right? Those are robotics engineers. Robotics belongs at the intersection of science, engineering and technology, where combined, they are able to create fully functioning automated robots designed to perform a specific function. 

As a programmable machine, robots can be built and designed for use in a myriad of circumstances. 

Robots have a wide variety of use cases that make them the ideal technology for the future. Soon, we will see robots almost everywhere. We’ll see them in our hospitals, in our hotels and even on our roads.

While robots are the future, we need talented minds with innate curiosity and skill to become the designers of this future! Is your child ready for the technological leap?

At RoboGenius, we give the children every opportunity to learn! With the restrictions of the pandemic, we now offer Online Robotics Classes with which your child can experience hands-on learning right at home. With custom-built kits and Lego modules, learning robotics was never this engaging!