How to start Coding and Computer Programming for Kids

Nowadays, children are showing interests in computers, video games, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets from a young age. And, it is also possible that they might have shown their interest in learning how to code. But, is it good for them, and should parents allow their young children to jump into coding?

After seeing the rise in technology, the demand of programming skills and various benefits of learning programming & coding in children, many parents along with schools are introducing coding classes to children from a very young age.

Before going forward, let’s crack ‘CODING’

Coding is popularly known as computer programming or developing. It is done creatively & logically to command a computer to perform & execute different actions. This is done through a set of instructions which involves a series of inputs and outputs, actions and reactions that a computer needs so it can function in the desired way.

As we know, tech jobs are already the most sought-after in the world today, with companies offering eye-popping packages to secure the best talent. We should leverage the opportunity to enable our kids with the most demanding 21st-century skills. But what should be the right age for kids to start coding and computer programming.

If your children are 5 years old, then they’re capable of grasping at least beginner’s coding concepts. Probably they can start to learn the basics of coding in the form of fun & engaging games.

Here’s a list for you to start coding for your children:

Coding Games for Kids

If your children have shown interest in coding, encourage them with some coding games. Internet is flooded with such types of games for kids. These games will help your child in developing logical & reasoning skills and empower them with the basics of programming logic. Also, some advance online games focus more on teaching kids how to think like a computer programmer.

Coding Toys for Kids:

Gift your children coding toys. Coding toys strengthen the cores of STEM learning in your kids. Children understand the shapes & movements and try to build their robots with the help of those kinds of coding toys.

Books for coding:

If your children have an interest in reading then books based on coding and programming might be a great tool for your children to dive deeper into the world of coding and gain more knowledge. These books introduce kids to the basics of coding, programming, and writing their software.

Enrol them in a coding program:

The best way to introduce coding to your kids and take their skills to the next level is ‘Enrol’ them in a coding program. Look for a program where they can learn under the guidance of skilled and expert mentors. Such learning programs are well-structured and designed based on a child’s intellectual development. Also, some institutions have introduced online summer camp for kids where children can learn coding from home. This way you can ensure your child’s interest in computer programming.

Your kids will need coding skill to compete in the future job market. With so many options available around you, your kids can start learning programming the fun and easy way. By the time your kids will be ready for university intake, they could possess the knowledge to start their computer programming or software company.